Tantora Catappa Bark (20 gram package)

Tantora Catappa Bark is a premium product, derived from the bark of the Indian Almond Tree (Terminalia catappa), which is renowned for its antibacterial and anti fungal properties in aquariums. These little strips are approximately 1/2"- 3/4" in thickness and about 3" long, and are perfect to use in shrimp and fish systems for health benefits, conditioning for spawning, or aesthetics. They add some tint to the water, and lower the pH as they release beneficial tannins.

The recommended starting dose is 1 strip for approximately each 30 US gallons of aquarium capacity. Tantora Catappa Bark strips may be cut into even smaller pieces to use in smaller systems, or to provide aesthetic affects. It is recommended to steep the strips in boiling water for about 10 minutes before adding to the aquarium, which helps saturate the bark and release some of the initial tannins.

Tantora recommends replacing the strips approximately every three weeks, as the bulk of the tannins are exhausted, but there is certainly no disadvantage to simply adding some new ones and leaving the inert bark strips in your system- they look awesome!


NOTE: Because these are a natural product, variation in the appearance of the bark strips is to be expected. The photo is to give you an idea of the approximate appearance of the item.


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