Tannin x Aquascape AF | Blackwater Collection 3- Piece Set - Limited Edition Hard Enamel Pin Set

Our community knows the love we have for bringing something unique to the table, and when the opportunity to collaborate with the talented Alex Franqui (Aquascape AF) to create a series of limited release blackwater pins, we jumped! Everyone loves collecting pins, right? These pins are limited, and once they are gone they are gone for good so get your favorites now! Here is your chance to purchase a complete set at a special discounted price!

COLLABORATION: Aquascape AF and Tannin worked together in the design and mission behind each pin representing a collection of some of our favorite blackwater fishes. Any true hobbyist will be proud to wear these pins! Durable and high quality, with beautiful details and colors! And better yet- a portion of each purchase goes to support something so much bigger!

THE PINS: Featuring a beautiful Rummynose Tetra (Hemigrammus rhodostomus), a Tucano Tetra (Tucanoichthys tucano), and a Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi) in vivid full-color with its rich detail and quality construction, you'll enjoy this collectible set for many years to come! It's your chance to grab a full set of wearable art in this limited run all while helping support a most worthwhile cause!

THE MISSION: Bring together our community in a show of support. Each display of these pins is an opportunity to tell the world what we believe in and the causes we stand behind. With every purchase of a limited series pin, we will be donating a portion of proceeds and bringing awareness to the organizations and institutions we find valuable to the betterment of the community, the habitats we love, and the fauna and flora that inhabit them. #blurthelines

THE CAUSE: Help support the wonderful work of Freshwater Life Project, led by noted aquarist/explorer/author, Chris Englezou! FWLP conducts valuable research projects around the world to study and help preserve aquatic ecosystems and the animals which reside in them. 

"By purchasing this pin set, you've donated to Freshwater Life Project (U.K. Charity No. 1172393). We are a small group of scientists, researchers, and naturalist volunteers working to ensure a sustainable and protected future for aquatic ecosystems and the people and animals that rely on them. 100% of your donation will go towards our existing projects and help us make a tangible difference for freshwater biodiversity. To learn more about our work or to get involved, visit https://freshwaterlifeproject.org/, Thank you."- Chris Englzou

NOTE: You may select an option to add an additional $5.00 donation to FWLP at purchase.

ABOUT AQUASCAPE AF:  Alexander Franqui, artist and graphic designer, based in Rhode Island, USA. 

"My passion for aquascaping and the fish hobby turned this into something much more! As a graphic designer by trade, I wanted to create something more than content. Something that fish keepers and aquascapers could use to share their passion beyond the aquarium.

That's when the enamel fish pin idea came! What better than to, collect, wear, and share your favorite aquarium fish species? There's so much versatility with an enamel pin, whether you use it as an accessory or simply collect them to display...These are for fish hobbyists and aquascapers, after all...and I know how detail-oriented we are so the end result had to be a high-quality hard enamel pin that is anatomically correct in approximate size, color, and shape, leaving no question of what species you have!
My goal was to partner with the right organizations to create a product with the love of the fish hobby and aquascaping in mind.  Something that can spark conversation, introduce new people, and simply bring the aquarium community together! I hope that these pins can do just that!"


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