Tannin Premium Mopani Wood- "Small" Sized #100487 (Approx. 14"x 4"x 2") WYSIWYG Specimen

Unique driftwood pieces are as vital to the aquascaper as quality broodstock is to the fish breeder. That's why we're proud to offer a selection of thoughtfully curated specialty aquatic driftwood for your projects!

Mopani wood is one of the most popular driftwoods used in aquascaping, and for good reason. For starters, it's amazing looking, with a distinctive "two tone" color and gnarled morphology. It's also fairly hard and dense, so it sinks easily, a huge plus when you don't want to wait months to waterlog a piece of wood. And with no two pieces being exactly alike, it's pretty much the perfect wood for aquatic endeavors!

Each specimen is carefully hand-curated by passionate aquascaping geeks, selected for interest, aesthetics, and that certain "something" that only a fellow fish person understands...You'll know exactly what we mean as soon as you receive your piece! Your specimen should sink quickly after initial immersion with minimal effort, although we recommend going the careful route and soaking it for a few days or more (even a week or two, if you're the patient type) before you use it in your aquarium. Sure, there will still be leaching over time, but the tannins which impart a little tint to the water are quite popular in these parts...Of course, if you're  a member of the "crystal clear water crowd", you can run activated carbon on a full-time basis in your display tank and not have to deal with any of that!

Anyone can sell you a piece of random driftwood, but it takes hardcore fish geeks to select pieces that are truly useful for for aquascaping. These are pieces we'd want in OUR tanks!  In fact, it's kinda hard for us to sell them sometimes, to be quite honest. We selected pieces that "spoke" to us, so each one has important characteristics that make it perfectly suited for complimenting aquascapes. You might just say that there’s a bit of passion included with each piece of driftwood we offer!




NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual piece of wood shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG specimen. Some preparation is recommended before aquarium use, as the wood may leach some tannins over time.

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