Tannin Premium Manzanita Wood- "Medium" Sized #100515 (Approx. 21"x 12"x 7") WYSIWYG Specimen

If you're like most aquarists, you like to utilize wood that has a certain "character" to it. You told us that you'd like a lighter-colored wood with lots of little branchy sections...Of course, this can mean only one thing: Manzanita Wood! 

Manzanita comes from the Southwestern United States. Ours is legally and sustainably harvested, and is fantastic wood to use in aquariums. It's lightweight, yet strong, with beautiful structure. It lasts a very long time when submerged, and will sink with minimal soaking and preparation time. 

We decided that we weren't just going to grab Manzanita from any old source. We vetted a bunch of suppliers before finding one who "gets" us and our mission at Tannin, and we're proud to offer what we feel is- ounce-per-ounce, some of the best Manzanita on the market!

Each piece was carefully selected for aquascaping work, with multiple thin branches and twisted shapes that work beautifully in the aquarium! 

All pieces are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG).

Before you use this wood in your aquarium, you should give it a good rinse, and soak it in water for a few days in order to sink it. Sure, there will still be leaching of tannins, but not to the same extent as some of our other woods- and you know how we feel about "the tint!"

Anyone can sell you a piece of nice driftwood, but it takes hardcore fish geeks like us to put the "aquarium geek eye" on each piece..That’s what sets Tannin driftwood apart. We think that the time and effort that went into selecting it for aquarium use is well worth it.

These are pieces we'd totally want in OUR tanks!  In fact, it's kinda hard for us to sell them, to be quite honest. You might just say that there’s a bit of "geekiness" included with each piece of driftwood we offer!



NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual piece of wood shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG specimen.

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