Tannin Aquatics Premium Guava Leaves (Package of 12 leaves)

The leaves of the Guava tree (Psidium guajava) provide many benefits for aquaria, including their well-documented antibacterial properties and their great value as a supplemental food source for ornamental shrimp.  Ours are harvested just for us by our trusted supplier from a small village in India, so you know they've been sustainably sourced, and are free from pesticides, herbicides, and pollution.

Our Guava leaves are harvested after they have naturally fallen- an important point with Guava leaves- and will be depleted of chlorophyll, sugars, sap and etc. This assure that they will not potentially foul the water in your aquarium, as freshly picked or "wind-fallen" leaves might. They're carefully selected by hand, rinsed, sun dried, and trimmed for consistent quality and value.

We recommend that you steep them in boiling water for 10 minutes or so prior to use, which will help soften them a bit, and make them more palatable to shrimp, as well as to foster a "biofilm" on their surfaces, which provides supplemental grazing for shrimp and small fishes, and fry. Guava leaves dissolve much more slowly than other leaves, and will last longer before requiring replacement! They will leach some tannins into the water, but the coloration will not be nearly as pronounced as that created by Catappa leaves, for example. These leaves can be used as a standalone feed, or incorporated as part of your aquarium's aquascaping as a component of leaf litter.


All of our aquatic botanicals are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. Please use common sense and take the time to boil or soak all botanicals prior to using them, to reduce the possibility of problems. Always go slow when introducing any botanicals into your systems, so you can judge the effect they have on your fishes and plants. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!



NOTE: Since this is a natural product, each leaf will have a unique appearance. The photo is to provide you with an idea of what the leaves will look like and is not a representation of the exact leaves you will be receiving.

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