Tannin Louisiana "Alpine Wood" -#100401 (Approx. 17x 4" x 3") WYSIWYG Specimen

As aquatic hobbyists, we're constantly on the lookout for unique materials which help us express our visions, execute on our designs for cool displays. One of the most important materials we can use is wood. We're thrilled to bring you this high-quality, incredibly attractive driftwood from stream beds in the higher elevations of Louisiana. It was collected by a trusted supplier who just happens to be a big-time fish geek, so each piece was selected with annoy towards aquatic use! And, each piece is carefully cleaned and soaked in a peroxide solution by the collector, to release any excess organic materials which can contribute to fouling, lessening your prep time.

This is unique driftwood that we know you'll go crazy over! It comes in a wide variety of colors, branchy shapes, and textures. This stuff is really fantastic for a wide variety of aquatic applications, including vivariums, riparums, and aquariums. 

Now, this stuff is ridiculously buoyant (it isn't called "driftwood" for nothin'!), and is best suited, when used in its "natural form" for vivariums. You could scarcely ask for nicer wood for this application! The textured surface creates great attachment points for moss and roots, allowing them to stay wet while still being exposed to air. We find this type of wood to resist decay yet remain absorbent to encourage the growth of moss and epiphytes.

However, for us aquarium types- wood needs to sink! We're happy to report that it is not hard to do- just requires a little time and patience. You'll best accomplish this by soaking it for a week or more to saturate it a bit more, or even boil it for a while if you have a large enough pot. However, in the end, if you're going to use it in an aquarium, you'll likely want to utilize some other technique to weigh down the wood and keep it from floating (like securing it to rocks, etc. with fishing line or zip ties).

Like any aquatic wood, this stuff may leach some tannins into the aquatic environment for some period of time, offering a little bit of "tint" which can be easily removed with activated carbon or other filtration media if you don't like the look.

All in all, this is some very unique wood for all sorts of creative aquatic projects!




NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual piece of wood shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG specimen. 

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