Tannin "Ghostwood" -#100455 (Approx. 16"x12"x5" ) WYSIWYG Specimen

As we venture further into the world of concept aquariums, aquascaping, and biotope replication, we become aware of more and more cool wood types to work with. And we're increasingly excited about some of the new varieties we're discovering!

What has been come to be known in the hobby as "Ghost Wood" is a beautiful, light-colored wood, with many gnarled shapes and grooves. These are super nice, hand-selected pieces chosen specifically for their suitability for aquascaping. This wood is a great contrast against darker field of botanicals, or even darker substrates. 

With it's light color and equally light weight, this wood is fantastic in a variety of aquascaping situations. It requires a bit of soaking in order to sink, and will do the usual "recruiting" of biofilms as it "breaks in."vIt reminds tis of a more dense, thicker version of Manzanita.

And, like Manzanita,  as you might expect (based on it's light color), this wood doesn't leach much in the way of tannins, and is sure to become a favorite of yours!





NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual piece of wood shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG specimen.

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