Tannin "Bonsai Ash" Wood- #100278 (Approx. 10" x 4") WYSIWYG Specimen

Looking for something small, delicate-looking, and intricate for your nano aquarium? You're going to love these little "Bonsai Ash" specimens! These are stunning little specimens, with a light color and gnarled, branching morphology.

Bonsai Ash is perfect to create little "moss trees" in a nano aquarium, or to even form the basis of a hardscape. When combined with your choice of appropriately small leaves (like Mangrove or Texas Live Oak) or botanicals, you could create a really cool little aquascape!

Now, being super lightweight, these specimens are really buoyant, and take some time to saturate and sink I the aquarium. You might need to get creative and secure them with a rock or with plant weights to get them to stay down. Once they settle in and saturate, they look amazing!

Regardless of how you utilize these unique wood specimens, you'll find that they add a very creative element to a small tank. you could even combine several specimens to a form a unique "matrix" of branches. The creative possibilities are unlimited!




NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual piece of wood shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG specimen. 

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