Tangle Branch Wood- Hand Selected Specimens

If you're looking for a unique, intricate looking branchy wood for small to medium sized aquariums, you're going to love this stuff!

It bears a strong resemblance to Manzanita; however, it features very intricate, almost delicate-looking "branchlets" throughout the structure of the wood. These pieces are perfect for helping form a focal point in small aquatic displays, or interesting accents in our larger aquariums and vivariums.

With their tangled shape, interesting texture, and unique color, you're sure to come up with a bunch of applications for them! We hand-select choice specimens for you from our inventory. No two specimens are alike! These are pieces we'd totally want in OUR tanks! 

They range in size from approximately 12"-15" in length, and 6"-10" in width.


NOTE: You will be purchasing piece of wood similar to those shown in the photos. These are NOT WYSIWYG specimens. The photos are to give you an idea of the types of pieces you can expect to receive.

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