"Studio Tannin" Scape 004 -Curated with Johnny Ciotti

One of our favorite things is creating amazing aquascapes with the natural materials we work with. Part of the art of aquascaping is curating the selection and arranging these materials into a cohesive theme, and we felt it would be amazing to be able to deliver a complete hardscape, with all components curated and conceived to work together perfectly!

Hence, the "Studio Tannin" line was born... A range of bespoke 'scapes from some of the most talented in the business. You'll get a complete hardscape, with wood, botanicals, and rocks. All you need to add is the aquarium, substrate, water, plants, and fishes.  We'll even include some extra botanicals to replenish the initial ones as they decompose! You can assemble as shown here, or use it as the starting point of a completely different 'scape! And of course, feel free to use this design as a "template" to create your own 'scape by selecting your own materials from. our extensive collection here on the site!

This 'scape was curated by the extremely talented Johnny Ciotti, who has done amazing aquarium work recognized all over the world. He's the creative talent behind some of our compelling photos and videos, and his 'scapes are highly respected in the aquascaping community. A real "pro's pro", Johnny brings an intense passion and dedication to every project.  We're excited to be collaborating with him on a series of unique "Studio Tannin" aquascapes.


A strong rock-oriented hardscape is not a look you usually see from us, and this one breaks pattern with incredible style! Featuring Jophnny's exclusive "High Alpine Rock", with its rich, strong appearance, and paired with the seemingly out-of-favor Mopani Wood, this one is distinct! 

John selected a very simple mix of botanicals- "Nano" Catappa Leaves and Alder Cones, both which provide tint and beautiful contrast to the strength of the rocks. We utilized a tan substrate, CaribSea "Sunset Gold", for beautiful contrast. 

John and I both felt that a definite African or Asian vibe would arise from this...Attach a few Anubias to the wood and/or rocks, and you have some incredible aesthetics! Fish-wise, we'd populate this tank with Darter Tetras, Maybe some small Pelvicachromis species, Synodontis, or Badis and Coolie Loaches, if you're thinking Asian.


Regardless of weather you configure the 'scape as shown here, or add some plants for a crisp, contracting look, this is a memorable configuration that you'll love!


AQUARIUM DIMENSIONS: (8 U.S. GAL)-  24"x12"x7" (60cm x30cm x 18cm)- Also works in a 20L sized aquarium.

NOTE: You will be purchasing the actual pieces of hardscape shown in the photo. This is a WYSIWYG aquascape. Aquarium, substrate, and mechanical equipment (filter, heater, etc.) are not included.

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