Seachem Laboratories Matrix Carbon- 500ML

Activated carbon is just one of those "mandatory" items every fish geek needs to have in stock. We are huge fans of SeaChem MatrixCarbon.

Why? Well, MartixCarbon is a truly unique activated carbon, bead-shaped for optimal hydrodynamics. This provides maximum water flow and contact with a high density of adsorptive sites without the compacting common to granular activated carbon.

MatrixCarbon has a very low ash content as indicated by its minimal impact on pH. Even when added to distilled water, it does not raise pH above 7.0. MatrixCarbon has the lowest leachable phosphate content of all major carbon brands tested in a recent laboratory study. 

The bottom line is that SeaChem MatrixCarbon is more than fit for purpose..It's a clean, highly adsorptive carbon that will last a long time in most aquarium uses. It's been our "go-to" carbon for years, and we hope it'll become yours, too!

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