Seachem Laboratories Focus - Antibacterial Polymer for Internal infections of fish (5g)

SeaChem Focus is an innovative product that binds medication to fish food for precise delivery of the medication.  It may be used alone or mixed with other medications to make them palatable to fish. It can deliver any medication internally by binding the medication to its polymer structure.

The distinct advantage of Focus is that the fish can be medicated without contaminating the entire aquarium with medication. Fish find Focus appetizing, and it may be fed to fish directly or mixed with frozen foods. Focus contains nitrofurantoin for internal bacterial infections. Perfect for prophylactic treatment of newly-arrived specimens, or for treating infected fish in aquariums were removal of the fish is not an option. 

This product is not a feed and should not be fed directly. It’s intended application is to assist in binding medications to fish food.

Marine and freshwater use. Comes in a convenient 5 gram container.



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