Seachem Laboratories- Flourish Phosphorus- Supplement for Planted Aquariums -(250 ml Bottle)

If you're serious about your aquatic plants, like we are around here, you're always looking to provide them the edge for optimum growth, health, and appearance! Seachem Flourish Phosphorus helps provide an easily-utilized source of phosphorus (which is one of the main three macro nutrients, along with nitrogen and potassium: NPK) required by plants, and can often become the limiting factor to growth when not provided in sufficient quantity.

Flourish Phosphorus is a safe solution (4500 mg/L phosphate) of potassium phosphate that takes the guess work out of phosphate dosing. Flourish Phosphorus has no nitrate, and allows you to dose phosphorus according to the needs of your plants- without the risk of overdosing nitrates! When used as directed, Flourish Phosphorus will compliment and accelerate the growth of aquatic plants without stimulating nuisance algae growth.

This product can really help you grow some amazing plants! To start, simply use 2.5 mL (half a cap) for each 80 L (20 gallons*) once or twice a week or as needed in response to signs of phosphorus deficiency (e.g. stunted growth, plant dark green). The product contains instructions for more specific fertilization regimens.


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