Seachem Laboratories- Flourish Iron- Supplement for Planted Aquariums - (250 ml Bottle)

Experienced planted aquarium enthusiasts know that iron is one of the most important elements required for healthy, lush plant growth. Seachem Flourish Iron is a super-concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron (Fe+2) gluconate supplement, perfect for demanding planted aquarium systems.

It should be used in those cases where the iron requirements exceed that which can be delivered by Flourish (at the recommended dose, of course), or when visible signs of iron deficiency appear (such as short and slender stems or yellowing between veins.) Plants can more readily derive a benefit from Flourish Iron than from EDTA-iron sources, because all EDTA iron is in the ferric (Fe+3) state. Since plants require iron in the ferrous state, additional physiological energy must be expended in order to extract the ferric iron from EDTA-iron and then convert it to the ferrous form. You might say that Flourish Iron is "the easy way" for plants to extract the iron they need for optimum health and growth!

Like other products in the Flourish line, this product contains no phosphate or nitrate to spur nuisance algae growth.



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