"Red Mangrove MInis" (1 oz/28.35g package)

The Mangrove Tree is well-known for it's exotic, complex, and extensive prop root system. As the tree grows, it sends down a meandering segment of roots into the soft, muddy substrate in which it resides. Some of these roots become quite thick and are very strong. The root systems create a compelling and beautiful habitat for a myriad of aquatic life forms. The mangrove root system can be the basis for a fascinating brackish water aquarium.

If you're trying to replicate they habitat on a small scale, you might want a more complex "root system" for your display, and these little pieces of branches enable you to sort of "enhance" your mangrove root sections by gluing them to the main branches with  super glue, or our favorite, Eco Tech Marine Coral Glue. They range in size from 5 to 9 inches (12.7- 22.86cm) in length, and no two pieces are alike. We sell them in a convenient 1 oz (28.35g) package, which gives you around 15-25 pieces, depending upon the sizes in the pack.

There are lots of ways to use these little pieces to "enhance" your aquascape to create more realistic underwater effects. For inspiration, all you need to do is look on our pages, or do a Google search for "mangrove thickets" and you'll find tons of underwater images for inspiration! These little pieces can really add that extra touch of authenticity to the dried mangrove branches that you're already using to simulate the root system habitat!

ORIGIN: Hawaii, U.S.A



NOTE: You will be receiving a package of mangrove branch pieces that varies based on availability. The number, size, color, and shape of the pieces will be different than those shown in the photo, which is for illustrative purposes only.

All of our aquatic botanicals are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. Please use common sense and take the time to boil or soak all botanicals prior to using them, to reduce the possibility of problems. Always go slow when introducing any botanicals into your systems, so you can judge the effect they have on your fishes and plants. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!  




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