"Pedra do Rio" (aka "River Stone") Aquascaping Rock -Individual Hand Selected Pieces

If you're into "tinted", botanical-themed aquariums, you've no doubt studied the wild habitats of the world, looking for inspiration. And you've probably seen that a lot of the streams and rivers in these areas will have a variety of smooth, rounded stones strewn about the bottom. 

We've been using these awesome stones in our own task for years and years, and can't say enough about them. Each one is different, but they are typically round, oval or sort of "abstract" in shape, reasonably smooth in texture, and not too heavy. They range in size from about 5"x3" ( 12.7x7.62cm) to 6"x5" (15.24x12.7cm). They're great to mix in with botanicals, leaves, and wood, offering a great contrast. Not only are they great to look at- they're useful, too. Cichlids love to use them to spawn on, and various catfishes will perch on them and graze on any algae they recruit over time.

To prepare it for use in your aquarium, you need to give it a quick initial rinse before using it in your aquarium. A good rinse or two under a faucet is a good way to clean them up of any imbedded dust or dirt. Soaking the rock in a bucket of water before and after the rinse for a couple of hours is never a bad idea, either! 

We offer this rock as randomly selected pieces, like the ones above. They vary in size and color If you specify, and if supplies permit, we can try to get you pieces of a certain approximate size and color , but that's about it. We're not really going to be in the WYSIWYG rock biz (we say that now, lol), so we promise to only ship you pieces we'd want in our tanks! However, if you need something specific, let us know and we'll try to accommodate your request and send a pic if you want one.

All in all, these are great rocks, that we've loved for years...And we hope you will, too!


NOTE: These are natural items, and the picture above is for representative purposes only. Your pieces will differ from those shown. Price is PER SINGLE PIECE. We are not currently able to ship these rocks outside of the United States. Please keep checking back for international availability!

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