Neothauma tanganyicense Snail Shells- (Very Small)- Approximately 1.12-1.25" Single Specimens

If you're a fancier of so-called "shell-dwelling" Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika (LamprologusNeolamprologus and Telmatochromis), then you probably know all about their affinity for the shells of Neothauma snails as both a dwelling and protection. These shells are found only in Lake Tanganyika, and, of late, have been almost impossible to obtain. You might say that they are the "Holy Grail" of aquascaping materials for Lake Tanganyika Cichlid enthusiasts! 

Fortunately, through some personal connections and a lot of maneuvering, we were able to obtain a  very small quantity of these shells. They are not inexpensive by any stretch. However, if you're a hardcore biotope enthusiast or collector, and you're looking for absolute authenticity, you'll definitely want to include these in your display...with some caveats.

One thing that you should be aware of right off the bat is that these shells are smaller specimens- approximately (1.12-1.25 inches), and have correspondingly small openings. If you can utilize them (see the remarks below) in your aquarium, they'll serve as a shelter for juvenile shell dwellers, who would have an easy time fitting through the small opening.

These shells would be nice to mix in with larger specimens of other, more commonly-found shells (ie; Turbo, Babylonia, etc.) for a more "complete" look in your "Tang" system. These shells are very thin, and surprisingly fragile, almost "paper-like", and may be difficult to sink- so you definitely want to be careful when you handle them, and use some ingenuity in placing them! Honestly, for regular use and serious breeders, we highly recommend our Babylonia snail shells!

As lovers of the authentic and unusual, we couldn't help but love these shells. We're sure that purists out there will love them, too. Because of the physical attributes of these shells, you may not be able to utilize them in your aquarium as effectively as you'd like to, and may just want to display them "dry!" Remember, supplies are very limited, so when they are gone, they're gone.


NOTE: Since these are a natural product, and each is unique, the actual shell(s) you receive may differ somewhat from those shown in the photo. The photo is to give you a reasonable idea of what to expect.

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