Live Red Mangrove Propagule (Without Leaves)

As lovers of the brackish-water habitat, it goes without saying that we're really huge fans of the Mangrove trees which grow in them! We're please to offer a limited supply of propagules from the Red Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle)

The Red Mangrove Tree grows in a variety of tropical intertidal habitats, including brackish, fresh, and full-strength marine waters. As the tree grows, it releases its viviparous "seeds," called propagules, which become fully mature plants before dropping off the parent tree. After the propagule falls from the tree, it eventually anchors itself to the substrate by putting down an extensive system of roots. As the young mangrove seedlings prop themselves above the water level with these stilt roots, they can then absorb air through pores in their bark. Once established, mangrove root systems provide an extensive habitat for a variety of organisms, ranging from fish to crabs to oysters. The presence of these organisms, as well as the accumulation of sediments and botanical materials serves to slow water flow, enhancing sediment deposition in areas where it is already occurring.

These mangrove propagules come to us from a trusted source, and are legally collected after they have fallen from the trees. The particular population of trees where our propagules come from is found in brackish water. These propagules are about 6"- 8" long, looking for all the world like a thin cucumber or even a candle! These propagules are shipped without leaves, and are ready to grow!

You can plant them in a fine, rich substrate, anchor them to pieces of dried mangrove branches/roots (our favorite way!), in a pot (like a houseplant), or even among rocks in a reef tank or other aquarium system. They simply need to be partially submerged, and provided with bright illumination from a variety of sources. Rhizophora mangle will grow well in fresh or saltwater (shh...we've even sprouted them in blackwater before!). 

Once they start growing leaves, you will need to spray them with fresh water from time to time to keep them from drying out and becoming caked with salt, which they release through the leaf tissues. As part of their growth, they will drop leaves from time to time, which, in our book- is a pretty cool thing, as this contributes to the biological richness of the aquarium as the leaves decompose.  



NOTE: The photo is for illustrative purposes. As these are living plant materials, expect variation in the appearance of the propagules that you will receive. 

These plants are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!

Although we guarantee the live arrival of the propagules, we cannot guarantee successful growth, as there are many conditions beyond our ability to control. For the best chances for success, please take the time to read up on their care prior to purchasing.  



PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship these propagules to Hawaii, Arizona, Florida, or Puerto Rico. In addition, we are not able to ship them internationally at this time because of potential import restrictions on living plant materials.

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