Large Red Mangrove Branch (Approx. 26"-30" Long Hand-Selected Specimens)

If you're looking to simulate a large submerged mangrove "prop root", these beautiful and interesting branches are perfect! A Tannin Aquatics exclusive, these come to us from our source in Hawaii, where they are legally collected and prepared for aquarium use. As it turns out, the Red mangrove is invasive in Hawaii, and the local government  and USDA are all too happy for us to take this material off of their hands!  Each piece has been inspected and approved for shipment by the United States Department of Agriculture in Honolulu, so these are not just "randomly grabbed" pieces.

These  Extra Large" sized branches are pretty much "one and done" solution for a moderate-sized aquarium, providing a standalone aquascape for those wanting an interesting mangrove "rootscape."  This one is especially unique, because of it's added thickness and weight! These characteristics mean you could just use one or more thinner pieces and get the effect of a stately, well-established mangrove root easily! Of course, if you want, you can combine it with smaller branches and our mangrove wood to create even more dramatic effects! Each branch is one-of-a-kind! 

These branches are beautifully intricate, with multiple "shoots" that you can use to simulate the fascinating brackish-water mangrove habitat. Just invert them and you've got an "instant root system!" They're reasonably dry, but they're quite light, which means that you'll have to get creative to anchor them down into the substrate. That means either some plant weights or some other means of securing them so they don't float upwards! 

Once you overcome the flotation issue, you have an amazing natural "prop" to create your own "mangal!" Adorn them with some shells, and you'll have a very realistic habitat for your fishes to explore. These  large pieces will be shipped with the branches gently pulled in using tape or string, and will "bounce back" to their former size/shape after you release them!

These are pieces we'd totally want in OUR tanks!  In fact, it's kinda hard for us to sell them, to be quite honest. You might just say that there’s a bit of "geekiness" included with each piece of wood we offer!



NOTE: You will be purchasing a piece of wood similar to the ones shown in the photos. These are not WYSIWYG specimens.

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