Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget "MiniMax" Mid-Size All-In-One Media Reactor

Coming from the reef keeping side of the hobby, we're completely used to the idea of using fluidized reactors for just about every purpose. As specialized freshwater hobbyists, not so much. The idea behind a fluidized reactor is to circulate the media within the reactor, providing maximum exposure of the filter media to water within the unit, utilizing it in the most efficient manner possible.

Traditionally, aquarists use reactors for media such as carbon, phosphate removers, exchange resins, etc. However, may we suggest a different "media" to incorporate with your reactor: Aquatic botanicals!

Yeah, you heard us correctly! What a cool way to give your tank "the tint" without having to place the botanicals in the aquarium itself! With the "MiniMax", you could place a handful of Alder cones, crushed up Catappa leaves, "Carambola Lixo", Cobra Leaf Pieces, Pequeno Pods, Banana Stem Pieces, or other lightweight aquatic botanicals into the chamber, and have them circulated about, "brewing up" your blackwater in a beautiful self-contained unit, no mess, no fuss!

The MiniMax is a novel approach to optimize the use of chemical or biological media for aquariums. The beautifully engineered reactor is manufactured from cell-cast acrylic, so it's light, durable, and easy to use. It's energy efficient pump quietly consumes only 8 watts of electricity, while circulating your media within the reactor at up to 92gph! 

There are no flexible tubes, PVC pipe fittings, thumb screws, ball valves, or any of the usual "clutter" associated with typical media reactors. It's pretty much "plug-and-play" right out of the box!

Checking in at 15.75" tall and 3.07" wide, it's compact form factor allows it to fit unobtrusively in your tank, all-in-one-aquarium, sump, or even in your water conditioning tank! With responsive flow control adjustment, a reliable double-O-ring seal, and a ridiculously easy to adjust from mounting bracket, the "MiniMax" is as easy to use as it is versatile! And, it's super easy to clean and change out media!

Our product shot shows the reactor loaded up with Alder Cones, in what we call "Tint Mode!"

With all of its cool features, you'll be wondering why you never thought of using one before...We were definitely wondering ourselves! A great investment for the serious "tinter!"

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