Innovative Marine AUQA Gadget "Gourmet Grinder"

We see a lot of kooky gadgets come out on the market- but we never see kooky gadgets from Innovative Marine! The creative geniuses there have done it again with the introduction of the "Gourmet Grinder!"

Don't let the rigors and demands of daily terrestrial life detract you from the joy of fish-keeping- and the ability to offer your fishes a variety of foods with consistent "portion-controlled, no-touch feeding!" The Patent-Pending AUQA Gadget Gourmet Grinder will flat-out make being a hardcore fish geek easier! (Yeah, the spelling  of "AUQA" is NOT a typo, okay? That's what it's called!)

The Gourmet Grinder is the industry’s very first thumb-operated pellet and flake food grinding system! It effortlessly dispenses food  with a simple "pump and grind" action. (We know what you're thinking...don't go there.) The Gourmet Grinder can be loaded with your favorite choice of pellets, crumbles (like the Paradigm foods!) or flake foods, and with minimal effort, you can grind them up into bite-sized particles, perfect for small to medium fish. You won't have to make a mess, or even touch fishy-smelling food...great when social obligations and norms require that your hands don't smell like salmon meal or fish eggs...

The food filling process is super easy, and the the built in feeding tube functions like a quick loader, allowing you to fill your Gourmet Grinder quickly and efficiently. During feeding, you can submerge the feeding tube into the water for a more accurate, precise, and portion-controlled targeted feeding, eliminating waste and pollution.  

With its high-quality, stainless steel and cell-cast acrylic construction, theInnovative Marine Gourmet Grinder is packed with features, like a clear window to see the food level, and an acrylic stand and cleaning brush to keep it neat and tidy! 

With all of this going on, it's little wonder why this little gadget is becoming one of the hottest products on the aquarium market!

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