Hydor ETH 300 In Line Aquarium Heater- 300 Watt

A heater is one of the most important components of your system. It needs to be simple to adjust,safe, reliable, and let's face it- aesthetically unobtrusive. Most heaters on the market can't hit all four of these touch points. The Hydor ETH In Line Heater scores on each one- and then some! Especially cool is the fact that it's an in-line heater, meaning that you don't have to look at the darn thing in your aquarium! It's designed specifically to work with canister filters (Ehiem, Fluval, etc.) with 15mm/ 5/8" hose in a vertical manner. It also works great if you're pumping water to the aquarium through a sump or wet/dry filter. 

The ETH is easily installed by cutting the tubing and connecting the two parts of the tube to each side of the ETH (For reduced maintenance, it is recommended that the ETH be installed within the filter`s output assembly). As most canister filters are not designed to bear weight, it is recommended that the ETH be properly supported by the use of the attached loop to avoid stress on the output assembly. The ETH is completely safe and UL Listed. The ETH heats with high efficiency by means of an internal heat pump system that avoids temperature variations. There is no danger of damage if the ETH is left running dry for short periods as the ETH will switch itself off in that event.

A seriously cool feature! or, should we say...a HOT feature? Well, you get the idea! 

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