Handmade Amazonian "Piaberos" Wood Carving for Benefit of Project Piaba- Large Spotted Stingray

These unique, handmade carvings, created by Amazonian fisherfolk who collect many of the wild fishes that we treasure so much, provide a valuable secondary source of income for the families who work so hard. Each piece is a meticulously crafted piece of art that you'll be proud to display in your fish room, living room, or wherever your home could use a some natural inspiration! 

Our latest release is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind carving of the amazing Spotted River Stingray (Potamotrygon motoro), which is found in the Amazonian waters, with lifelike shape and proportions and vibrant natural coloration!

As an added bonus, we'll include a code good for $10.00 USD off of your next Tannin Aquatics order! 

This carving is handcrafted from quality wood, and polished to a shiny finish. Its painted to reflect the colorful and unique nature of this beautiful fish, and the contrasting dashes and stripes are gorgeous! The underlying wood is cleverly striated to represent the bottom contours of the Amazonian waters where the Rays are found. This awesome carving will be a beautiful reminder of where our beloved fishes come from, and of the people who work so hard to bring them to us in an environmentally conscious, sustainable manner.

This carving measures  approximately 19"x 9" (48.26 x  22.86cm). 

And, as an additional benefit the the Piaberos who make them, we'll donate a percentage of the profit from the sale of this piece to the organization! Every little bit helps, and means so much to these people!  




Project Piaba is a wonderful organization who's mission is is to increase the environmental, animal welfare, and social sustainability of the Amazonian aquarium fish trade, to develop and incorporate metrics through which this progress can be assessed, and to provide mechanisms to promote this industry.

By training local fisherfolk, called "Piaberos", to hand-collect small fishes and collaborate with scientists, Project Piaba is able to create a sustainable ornamental fishery which provides both economic and environmental benefits for the endemic peoples of the Amazon region. 

Because of the economic stability offered by fishing, and since the fish rely on food falling into the water from the trees of the flooded forest, the Piaberos are diligent in protecting the local ecosystem from those that would do it harm. There is no logging or mining allowed. They have preserved a pristine, beautiful rain forest, and go on protecting it year after year. This undisturbed forest provides a sanctuary to hundreds of species of birds and other animals. Protecting this fishery is of vital importance to the ecosystem, and we can all do our part by supporting the work of the Piaberos!

For additional information about Project Piaba, please visit their website.

NOTE: The photo is for illustrative purposes. As these are handmade pieces, expect variation in the appearance of the item that you will receive.

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