Emperor Aquatics Filter Media Bag- 800 micron (4"x8")

Let's face it.

You love "The Tint" and associated benefits that aquatic botanicals bring to your aquarium. 

However, there are going to be times when, despite their abundant aesthetic charms, you simply don't want the hassle of leaves and pods and such in your aquarium display. or breeding aquarium. Dealing with decomposing leaves and crumbling alder cones and such just isn't what you want to be dealing with.

No problem!

That's why we offer these high-quality nylon mesh filter bags from industry leader Emperor Aquatics, in the much-loved 800 micron size. Their 4"x8" dimensions mean that they'll be able to accommodate pretty much any of our aquatic botanicals, and you can keep them neatly tucked away in your power filter, cannister filter, sump, or even in the tank itself. An integrated drawstring keeps the contents snug and inside the bag, where they belong.  

Easy to use, easy to clean, and well-constructed, these filter bags are perfect for a variety of fish room uses!

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