Ebita Breed "Lefish S" Premium Fish Food (33g)

We're always on the lookout for new, high-quality foods for our fishes. After much research, literally scouring the world, we’re proud to offer the Ebita Breed line of foods, imported from Japan. Wildly popular in a country where tropical fishes are wildly popular, it’s a high-quality, premium line of foods specifically formulated by passionate tropical fish lovers to provide for the specialized nutritional needs of your fishes. It's NOT simply a re-packaged hatchery feed, like so many specialized foods on the market seem to be these days. 

We're not 100% certain, but we think that this may be the first time that Ebita Breed's fish foods have been offered to US hobbyists. These foods are of the same high quality as their well-regarded shrimp foods, and we've been very pleased with them during our testing! "Lefish S" is an innovative, highly nutritious food, rigorously researched and developed in Japan to improve overall health, appearance and coloration in tropical fishes. This series was developed to support beneficial digestive bacteria, and to help boost the immunity of tropical  fishes.

"Lefish S"  is  a very unique formula, unlike any other food out there. It contains benefical Bacillus, and other bacteria to aid in digestive health, as well as immunity-supporting herbal extracts, such as mushroom powder, Vitamin P, Stevia and barley fermentation extracts. In addition to its herbal properties, the food offers high protein nutrition from prawn, crab, and lobster, and pigment-supporting astaxanthin. 

"LeFish S" can be fed to all kinds of freshwater fishes, ranging is size from juvenile to adult. The particle size of this unique food is perfect for smaller-mouthed fishes, such as  Apistogramma, Rasbora, Tetras, Angelfishes, and Betta species. In our trials, fishes seem to really take to this food, and we love it as a great all-around feed!

It's a great food to use to supplement frozen or live foods, and may be fed daily to help keep your fishes in peak health. The resealable container lets you store the unused food in a refrigerator for up to 6 months after opening, while still retaining its beneficial nutritional and immunity-boosting properties. PLEASE NOTE: The label on the packaging is in Japanese, so please refer to this page if you have questions regarding the product.

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