Ebita Breed "Hinomaru Bentou" Premium food for ornamental shrimp (20g)

If there’s one thing you’ve learned about us by now, it’s that we’re pretty into those cool little ornamental shrimp, like Neocaridina, Caridina, etc. And apparently, so are many of YOU! You asked us to find some cool foods for these little guys, and, after much research, literally scouring the world, we’re proud to offer the Ebita Breed line of foods, imported from Japan. Wildly popular in a country where ornamental shrimp are wildly popular, Ebita Breed is a high-quality, premium line of foods specifically formulated by passionate shrimp lovers to provide for the specialized nutritional needs of your shrimp. It's NOT simply a re-packaged hatchery feed, like so many specialized foods on the market seem to be these days. 

Hinomaru Bentou is a unique food developed specifically for crustaceans. It contains phospholipid and animal-based cholesterol, which serve to to induce  production of Vitamin D6, encouraging growth, molting, and ovarian maturation in shrimp. This formulation also includes calcium, which helps produce a strong exoskeleton, as well as Vitamin C, DHA, and Chlorella. Vitamin C and DHA are believed to offer shrimp a greater tolerance for environmental stressors, such as higher aquarium temperatures, etc. The Vitamin C is specially stabilized to remain viable within the food for extended periods of time.  Freshwater Chlorella algae is a high-protein natural food source for shrimp, especially important for “Bee Shrimp” (Caridina cantonensis) which consume this algae in the wild as a significant part of their diet.

Hinomaru Bentou contains Ebita Breed’s exclusive “Shrimp Guard”,  a supplement which was developed specifically to increase shrimps’ susceptibility to infections. Other premium ingredients include soy bean powder, squid powder, shrimp meal, fish meal, brewer's yeast, and wheat gluten meal. This food is packed with Carotenoids, such as lutein and zeaxanthin to help maintain the vibrant colors of your shrimp.

All in all, we’re pretty certain your shrimp will LOVE this carefully formulated food. Ours literally ATTACK the stuff! Although it comes in a relatively small form factor (little rectangular-shaped "wafers"), you might want to crush it up a bit to make it easier to feed to small shrimp. Or, you could simply add one or two pieces to your shrimp tank once or twice a week, taking care to remove any uneaten particles when your shrimp are done feeding. The only down side” to this food, (if you want to call it a "downside"), is that the labeling on the packaging is in Japanese, so you’ll probably want to refer to this web page if you have any questions about it.  Hinomaru Bentou comes in a convenient resealable container, which may be kept in a cool dry place, such as a refrigerator, for up to 4 months after opening.


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