Ebita Breed "Baby Shrimp Food" (30g package)

If there’s one thing you’ve learned about us by now, it’s that we’re pretty into those cool ornamental shrimp, like Neocaridina, Caridina, etc. And apparently, so are many of you! You asked us to find some cool foods for these little guys, and, after much research, literally scouring the world, we’re proud to offer the Ebita Breed line of foods, imported from Japan. Wildly popular in a country where ornamental shrimp are wildly popular, it’s a high-quality, premium line of foods specifically formulated by passionate shrimp lovers to provide for the specialized nutritional needs of your shrimp. It's NOT simply a re-packaged hatchery feed, like so many specialized foods on the market seem to be these days. 

Baby Shrimp Food is a fine, powdery food that’s perfect for the little guys in your collection! This is a specially formulated food, containing seaweed powder, fish meal, brewer's yeast, soy, wheat gluten meal, spiraling, and calcium carbonate, as well as other natural ingredients. This food is intended not only to be a supplemental growth food for baby shrimp, it’s also an ideal food for brine shrimp. This food is also small enough to feed some rotifers, which comprise some of the natural diet of baby shrimp. 


Baby Shrimp Food contains animal cholesterol which helps provide essential nutrition for growth in the early stages of a shrimp’s life. In addition, the nutrients found in this food will benefit the young shrimp as they grow by encouraging a healthy molting process.

This special food has a uniform small particle size, and should be fed very sparingly to young shrimp, to avoid polluting their environment. In addition, in Japan, this food has proven to be an excellent “first prepared food” for many egg-laying fishes, helping wean them from live feeds! Being ga powdery food, you may even ant to make a little "slurry" by mixing some of the food into a baster or syringe of aquarium water, then carefully distributing it into your rearing aquarium.

Baby Shrimp Food is a nutritious, efficient, easy-to-use food that has proven to be remarkably versatile! About the only down side” to this product, if you will, is that the label on the package is in Japanese, so you’ll probably want to refer to this web page if you have any questions about the product.  It comes in a resealable package, which may be kept in a cool dry place for up to 4 months after opening the package.


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