Dried Fishtail Palm Stem (package of 6)

These little palm stems are some of the coolest botanicals we've seen in a while! They come from the Caryota Palm, also known as the "Fishtail Palm." This palm is originally from Asia but now found in many other parts of the world, including South America. Ours are sourced from Asia, however.  This palm is notable for it's rather dense clumps of stems which typically will flower when mature, then die off. These are the dead stems, and are harvested in a sustainable manner. They have a remarkably flexible structure and a morphology that is surprisingly "spine-like!" They vary in size from about 5 inches (12.7cm)  to 8 inches (20.32cm) in length. They look amazing scattered about on the bottom of a botanical-style tank, and add that real "flooded forest floor" sort of look! 

Fishtail Palm Stems are a bit thinner and substantially shorter than say, our Banana Stems, and are surprisingly flexible. Like their banana counterparts, they can give off a surprisingly large amount of tannins! They're super easy to prepare: Our recommendation is to boil them for about 20-13 minute, then a quick soak in room temperature freshwater (we'll tell you overnight, but it's your call). They sink right to the bottom. You might lose a few of the little "vertebrae" on them when you prepare them, but they are, as a whole, quite durable, and last for many months submerged!

These might just be our favorite new botanical! You can use them in all sorts of aquatic setups, from brackish water to blackwater to vivarium! You will absolutely love them! We offer them in a package of 6 specimens, which is a great way to accent your botanical aquarium with a cool aesthetic! Pair 'em with some leaves and other palm items, and you're on your way to recreating your own "flooded forest!"

ORIGIN: Southeast Asia

All of our aquatic botanicals are intended for ornamental aquarium or terrarium use only. Please use common sense and take the time to boil or soak all botanicals prior to using them, to reduce the possibility of problems. Always go slow when introducing any botanicals into your systems, so you can judge the effect they have on your fishes and plants. They are not intended for human consumption. DO NOT INGEST!




NOTE: The photo is for illustrative purposes. As these are natural products, expect variation in the appearance of the botanicals that you will receive.

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