Black "Ryouh Stone"- Hand Selected Pieces (10lb Minimum)

One of the most versatile, beautiful, and dynamic rock types available! Marketed under a variety of names, predominantly "Ryouh Stone" (which we're told roughly means "cool" or "refreshing" in Japanese), this rock is always tough to find. 

Whatever the name it trades under, it's a beautiful black-silver-blue stone with many jagged, bold edges, depressions, and interesting marbling throughout. Among other places, it hails from the mountains of Japan, and is a "foliated" metamorphic rock formed by heat, pressure, and hydrothermal solution. 

This rock is perfect to use in conjunction with various aquatic wood, such as our Manzanita Wood, and looks great when mixed with low, "carpeting" types of plants, like Eleocharis, Glosstostigma, Helianthus, etc.

NOTES: This rock will impact the pH, Kh, TDS and General Hardness of your aquarium water, which may be "countered" a bit by use of driftwood, aquatic botanicals, aquatic soils, and water softening/acidifying agents as necessary. Just something to be aware of! 

We'll select your pieces for you, based on aesthetics, a mix of sizes, and the very practical desire to maximize the number of pieces per order. We're not, however, "Iwagumi Consultants", selecting perfect pieces for the ultimate display. The old "you'll just have to trust us" line is definitely the case here!

The pieces in our selection range from around 2.5"-3" up to about 6" or more in size.

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Because of the weight and box size restrictions, this rock will be very expensive to ship, and is NOT currently available for international shipping. We will continue to work to make shipping this rock internationally possible.


NOTE:  The photos are representative of the types of rocks that we have available. You will be receiving a selection of rocks with characteristics similar to those shown in the photos, but each will be different. 

*Free Shipping on all orders within the U.S.A. Shipping rates vary for international orders.



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