Babylonia japonica Snail Shells- Approximately 2.25" Hand-Selected Specimens

If you're a fancier of so-called "shell-dwelling" Cichlids from Lake Tanganyika ( LamprologusNeolamprologus and Telmatochromis), then you probably know all about their affinity for the shells of Neothauma snails as both a dwelling and protection. These shells are found only in Lake Tanganyika, and are extremely expensive when available. It's certainly up for debate, but many "Shellie" enthusiasts will tell you that one of the best and most economical alternatives is the shell of the snail Babylonia japonica

We offer a supply of carefully selected Babylonia shells, with an approximate size of 2.25", with openings of around 1/2" x7/8" or so- large enough to admit many of the smaller shell dwellers.  Each was culled from among the masses for aesthetics, condition, and consistency.

 These shells would be nice to mix in with specimens of other, more commonly-found shells of varying sizes (ie; Turbo, etc.) for a more "complete" look in your "Tang" system.  Of course, if you're craving absolute authenticity and want to "live large", we offer the "real deal" Neothauma tanganyicense shells in a limited quantity. 

If you're into creating an overall "look" for your Tanganyikan biotope, these shells are an excellent addition! 


NOTE: Since these are a natural product, and each is unique, the actual shell(s) you receive may differ somewhat from those shown in the photo. The photo is to give you a reasonable idea of what to expect.


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