Aquatic business consultation- 1 hour one-on-one by phone with Scott Fellman!

Why would you pay this fish geek to help you with your aquatic business?

Okay, fair question. Maybe you’ve got this killler idea for an online aquatics business, but you’re not sure how to get it going…maybe you already have a great local thing out of your house, selling fry, plants, or coral frags to the locals, but you want to take it to the next level, and just aren’t sure how to approach it.

Perhaps you already have an online business or even a brick and mortar store, and you’re just sort of…mired…Bogged down with the mundane, the outmoded…maybe your current way of doing business is simply not getting it done for you anymore. You’re just not feeling it. You want to evolve, iterate, kick it up a notch…whatever you want to call it- you want to change it up…and fast.

Wouldn’t it be cool to talk to a fellow aquatics industry person, who get’s your situation, appreciates your goals, and can give you honest opinions based on his own real world opinion? 

Yeah, I kinda thought so. It’s not easy these days, is it?

I mean, it seems like everyone who has a laptop and a “blog” is now calling themselves a “marketing and branding consultant”, peddling the latest regurgitated, cookie-cutter hypotheticals, using lots of buzzwords, flashy self-help-speak, while recommending “killer productivity apps” and “next level” stuff from other, totally irrelevant markets- when you’re really just trying to figure out how to get people to buy Neon Tetras from you instead of the other guy online or down the street? 

Ask yourself: Do these people actually have any real world experience in our field? The aquatics industry is a bit different than other industries…we have our own unique challenges, issues, and “culture” that not everyone gets. 

You need to talk to someone who gets it.

As a fellow aquatics industry professional with years of experience, numerous global conference presentations, hundreds of aquatic articles, and two active, successful companies in the category (Tannin Aquatics and Unique Corals) under my belt, I know that I can make a difference for you.

I can make realistic, actionable, and specific recommendations of things to do to help you get out of the rut you might be in, or to help you blow up that idea into something real and tangible.

I love seeing fellow, highly motivated aquarium people take action to make their dreams come true.

Yeah, I am a bit of a cheerleader. But I will also give you the firm kick in the dorsal side if it's needed. Business is tough, and you need to hear it like it is. I’ll be honest, engaged, and thoughtful. No pius platitudes here. I’ll give you real feedback based on what I see- not what I think you’d want me to see.

What you won’t get:

Canned responses, vague boilerplate “solutions”, legal advice, accounting advice, or instructions on how to plumb your multi-tank filtration system! That's not what this is about...

What you will get:

 One hour of my absolute, undivided attention- focused solely on your business and what is bothering you. Honest, critical assessment of where you are- what you’re doing right and wrong, and what you can do to move definitively towards your goals. Actionable advice, not pie-in-the-sky hypotheticals from some marketing blog.

It’s not always easy. It’s not always pretty..But it might just be the best $200 you spend on your business all year. Isn’t your business, your baby- worth 200 bucks and an hour of your time? I’m thinking you’ll feel that way!

Upon purchasing the time, we'll contact you by email to arrange a mutually convenient date and time for your consultation. Further consultations may be scheduled at a discounted rate if you'd like, after our first one is completed.