Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter- (2 pack)

If you follow us on social media and our blog, you know that we're huge fans of cool aquascaping- especially concept biotope systems, such as palladariums and ripariums. In these aquatic features, there is a terrestrial component, often featuring marginal plants, wood and other materials- and a nice big water component for our beloved fishes! In nature, marginal plants are rooted in mud or shallow water, but hold their foliage up in the air.

Ever wonder how those cool displays with those awesome-looking Lilies, plams, ferns, and marginal plants you see on the web are constructed? Curious how the builders of these setups manage to suspend their plants in the perfect position to blend into the 'scape? Wish there was an off-the-shelf solution that can help you construct a cool riparium biotope? There is!

Enter the ingenious Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter!

The Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter is a nifty way to secure plants to the sides of your aquarium, providing them a clean, safe area to root and grow, and the ability to place them and move them about as needed to enhance your 'scape! They're 3.75" tall and 2" wide, so they fit into a lot of tight spaces, providing you many options for placement!

They hold about one cup of riparium gravel or other suitable clay gravel substrates. You can use just about any good quality planted aquarium substrate. It is also recommended to add a water column fertilizer (like Seachem Flourish Excel) and/or root tabs, like Seachem Flourish Tabs for optimal plant growth and long-term health.

Constructed of durable, laser cut acrylic, the Aqua Verdi Riparium Planter assembles easily in minutes with  ingenious "tab and slot" construction! Heavy-duty suction cups secure the planter to the sides of your aquarium, and last longer and hold much better than the thinner cups supplied with most aquatic accessories.

Because you'll also think of tons of projects for these little guys, they come in convenient 2 packs- enough to get you started on your riparium build! Combine them with Selva Terrarium "Pillbug" mounts and a little creativity, and amazing displays are easily within reach! 

Some of the best true marginal plants include Ruellia Bluebell, Ascieplas Mexican Milkweed, Chaemaedorea Cat Palm, Acorus Sweetflag, and the (better known to aquarists) Echinodorus Swordplant, just to name a few.

In coming months, we look forward to offering a selection of these awesome plants for use in your own riparium!


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