Chansu Shrimp Breeding "Chansu Herbal" supplemental herbal active food for Ornamental Shrimp (30g)

Aqua-Tropica was founded by renowned aquarist Michael Wolfinger in Nuremberg, Germany in 2001, and has become one of the most respected aquatic industry brands in Germany, specializing in food and water-conditioning products for shrimps and "nano" fishes. With an experienced, dedicated research and development team, Aqua-Tropica focuses on constantly developing, testing, and refining a high-quality, complete line of foods and water conditioners for ornamental shrimp and fishes. And, being fish geeks, they use everything that they develop! As part of our commitment to bringing you the most unique premium aquarium products possible from around the world, Tannin Aquatics is proud to offer Aqua-Tropica to the U.S. market for the first time!

In order to achieve brilliant colors in ornamental shrimp, Aqua-Tropica's founder, Michael Wolfinger, sought out specialized foods from other manufacturers which met his standards for quality, value, and effectiveness. The Chansu line was developed by a top Asian shrimp breeder, who incorporated traditional Chinese herbs into his formulations. After much testing, the result was this highly palatable shrimp feed in an easy-to-feed "cookie" form factor. Aqua-Tropics first made this line of foods available in Germany in 2014, and it has become a very popular supplemental feed with European shrimp fanciers. We're pretty sure that this product has not been previously offered for sale in North America!  With a combination of vegetable protein extracts, Mulberry leaves, crustaceans, mollusks, and Chinese herbs, Chansu Herbal is a unique supplemental food that has given outstanding results for serious shrimp breeders.

The recommended "serving size" is one "cookie" for approximately 30 shrimp, so the resealable 30-gram package goes a long way! Remove any uneaten food after several hours as a matter of practice.

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