Aqua-Tropica "AT L-Catfish VITAL" specialty food for loricariid catfishes (35g)

Aqua-Tropica was founded by renowned aquarist Michael Wolfinger in Nuremberg, Germany in 2001, and has become one of the most respected aquatic industry brands in Germany, specializing in food and water-conditioning products for shrimps and "nano" fishes. With an experienced, dedicated research and development team, Aqua-Tropica focuses on constantly developing, testing, and refining a high-quality, complete line of foods and water conditioners for ornamental shrimp and fishes. And, being fish geeks, they use everything that they develop! As part of our commitment to bringing you the most unique premium aquarium products possible from around the world, Tannin Aquatics is proud to offer Aqua-Tropica to the U.S. market for the first time!

This is a food that really gets us excited! Specially developed for herbivorous and xylivorous catfishes, like many loricariids, such as Plecos, Ancistrus, etc., this food includes about 10% of its ingredients in the form of wood fibers, which are important for the digestion and dietary needs of these specialized fishes. AT L-Catfish VITAL also contains a high percentage of Spirulina, as well as cereals, vegetable protein extracts and lecithin for optimum nutrition. A full compliment of vitamins, including Vitamins A3, D3, E, and C are included in this unique formation.

AT L-Catfish VITAL is 34% crude protein, 6% crude fat, and 5% crude fiber. The food is formed into special, water-stable chips that do not disintegrate in water, providing your catfishes not only the nutrition they need, but the "experience" of rasping at a food source similar to that which they encounter in nature. It's an excellent primary feed for these unique fishes, and is the perfect food to compliment a well rounded diet!

It is recommended to feed this food as often as 2 times a day, taking care only as much as the fish consume in a few minutes.

PLEASE NOTE: The packaging on this item is in German. Please refer to this page for product information, and contact us if you have any additional questions regarding the product.

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