Aqua-Tropica "AT Crusta Natural Walnut Sticks" supplemental food for Ornamental Shrimp (75g)

Aqua-Tropica was founded by renowned aquarist Michael Wolfinger in Nuremberg, Germany in 2001, and has become one of the most respected aquatic industry brands in Germany, specializing in food and water-conditioning products for shrimps and "nano" fishes. With an experienced, dedicated research and development team, Aqua-Tropica focuses on constantly developing, testing, and refining a high-quality, complete line of foods and water conditioners for ornamental shrimp and fishes. And, being fish geeks, they use everything that they develop! As part of our commitment to bringing you the most unique premium aquarium products possible from around the world, Tannin Aquatics is proud to offer Aqua-Tropica to the U.S. market for the first time!

Walnuts and walnut leaves are known to have stress-reducing and blood-cleansing properties, and are also thought to offer anti fungal and at-inflammatory capabilities. AT Crusta Natural Walnut Sticks are made from natural ingredients, with a full compliment of vitamins, protein, and fiber.  They provide polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are theorized to help the shrimp develop greater resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases. This food is intended to supplement a well-rounded diet for your shrimp, and can help provide a compliment of important vitamins and minerals which may be lacking or deficient in other food sources. The ingredient list is pretty straightforward: 100% natural walnuts, without and artificial additives, dyes, preservatives or binders. 

This food may be fed as often as desired by sprinkling it on the water surface, where it will slowly saturate and sink. Be sure not to overfeed, and remove the uneaten portion from your aquarium in a few hours. It's an excellent supplemental feed for all sorts of shrimp!

PLEASE NOTE: The packaging on this item is in German. Please refer to this page for product information, and contact us if you have any additional questions regarding the product.

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