Tannin Spider Wood-Hand-Selected Specimens

With its unique reddish-tan color, smooth texture, and super-gnarled shapes, "Spider Wood" is a the perfect wood for creating a focal point in your 'scape! Derived from Acacia Root, this wood is really easy to use in all sorts of aquascaping situations.

Our specimens typically fall into the size range of approximately 11"-12" (27.94 cm-30.48cm) in length, with a corresponding width and height. We can't guarantee a specific shape and size, but we CAN guarantee that you'll receive a specimen that will be beautiful and interesting! These are REALLY nice pieces! 

You should prepare this wood rinsing the wood and soaking it as you feel necessary. Your specimen should sink fairly quickly after submerging it in water-typically within a few days. You can speed up the process by weighing it down with a few rocks if you desire. Interestingly, the longer it's down, the darker and more "textured" this wood appears. It's a big "recruiter" of fungal growth and biofilm during the "curing process", so be ready!

NOTE: You will be purchasing a piece of wood similar to the specimen shown in the photo. These are not WYSIYG specimens, yet are representative of the specimens you should expect to receive from us. They are hand selected for color, shape, and texture. 

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