"Tiger Wood"-Hand-Selected Specimens

Yet another fascinating wood type that we're almost certain you're gonna love! Like so many driftwood varieties in the aquarium trade, this one has an absolutely stupid name, but we haven't been able to ferret out the actual wood type just yet, so we'll just use the "stupid" name for now!

Ridiculous argument over the name aside, this wood is fantastic! Each piece resembles a little tree, with a network of fine root structures below a twisted "trunk" and thing, gnarled branches. In terms of morphology, it looks like the "love child" of  Manzanita and Spiderwood! (We think that it shows a bit more of the "Spider Wood" side of the family, however...)

Surprisingly durable, yet lightweight, this wood has a ton of character and offers interesting 'scaping possibilities.

Like most aquatic wood, it will tend to float for a while before it becomes waterlogged enough to sink. You can, of course, hasten the process a bit by weighing your specimen down with a rock or two. And of course, like most other wood types, it will recruit some fungal and biofilm growth initially after submersion. Some tannins are released during the "curing" process, which we, of course, love, but you "clear water" types may not appreciate, so curing in a separate container might be a good option for you!  

This shapes and sizes in our selection are quite variable, ranging in length from 12"-16" (30.48-40.64cm), and around 8"-11" (20.32-27.94cm) wide.

Again, these are NOT "WYSIWYG" specimens; however, we promise to only send you pieces we'd want in OUR tanks!


NOTE: These are hand selected by us, and are not WYSIWYG specimens. You will receive specimens which are similar in appearance to those shown in the photos. The photos are representative of the specimens you may expect to receive.


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