Admit it. You love some grey/brown fishes, don't you?


It hit me one day: I kind of favor small, grey-brown fishes. Why do I like these small , grey fishes? Why do I covet fishes that most people find rather uninteresting? I mean, lately, I'm really obsessed with Elachocharax pulcher, which is really kind of a brown and grey "cammo" colored fish. Hardly exciting.  Yet, I am totally into that fish. Do I not get out enough? Am I too cool to jump on the bandwagon of sexy designer bettas and African cichlids? No- I love them. I do. Well, then why do I covet these seemingly "boring" fishes so much?

Well, could it simply be that, after several decades in the hobby- I’ve learned to be honest with myself about what I like?  Perhaps I am more into the "overall" aspects of a fish than I am about their color alone. I mean, behavior, habits, environmental digs- the whole picture is what makes a fish "sexy" to me. 

I was contemplating; just for a second- how easy it is to take for granted what has become “common” to us. Like, for example, some of the "common" Tetras that we see- Pristella,  Glowlight Tetras, and others.


These fishes are popular in the aquarium hobby for a reason: They are subtly beautiful, not trendy. Not overly flashy. And they are reliable, inexpensive,  adaptable, and easy to care for. They have become "staples" in our hobby...which all too often translates into "fishes we take for granted." Yet, they are interesting creatures. They are precious, regardless of the price tag- and they are worthy of our respect and admiration. Fishes need not be expensive and flashy to be worthy of our admiration, do they? (The reef keeping world, from which I hail, has yet to grasp this concept, IMHO.)

To further compound my theory, I need only slip over to my LFS, and admire the (very grey!) “Tanganyika Lampeyes” that they received not too long ago. Okay, on the surface, these grayish Rift Lake killifish are about as unexciting (is that a word?) as a fish can get- a "poster child" for the freshwater “haters”, who claim that every freshwater fish is dull (i.e.; most of my reef keeping friends)…

But wait a minute. Have you ever even seen one? Probably not that often. Probably because they are rather…well, bland, and collectors toss ‘em back. But man- that’s what’s so cool about them! They are different! Subtle. Imagine how awesome they’d look as "contrasting players" in a tank full of colorful African Cichlids! 

Probably pretty cool.

The hobby needs fishes like that.

I think some fishes are cool because of their “cryptic coloring”, especially if they are matched to an aquarium which offers an environmental niche that’s similar to that which they inhabit in nature.

For example, the Amazon Leaf Fish would look amazing if placed in a tank containing leaf litter, right- as opposed to a bright, sparse, "community" tank. Some fishes need to be "staged" correctly to be given the opportunity to show themselves in their best light.

Or, a Ctenopoma would look awesome if placed in a system with lots of intertwined wood branches, etc. Even wild forms of Angelfishes are admired, not so much for their colors, but because of their regal deportment and ability to blend into the environment they hail from- and of course, for their scarcity in the hobby. Glass Catfish are as colorless as a fish can be, yet are an all-time favorite…and they “go” with just about any “aquatic color scheme”, right? 


The list is endless.

I think many fishes that lack the killer colors are popular or loved because they have fascinating or endearing habits and behaviors. For example, some of the little shell-dwelling Lake Tanganyikan cichlids are not what you'd call "inspiring", color-wise- but have utterly fascinating behaviors and social patterns.

The beauty of the hobby is that there really IS room for all sorts of fishes and inverts. Seems like pretty much every animal out there gets at least some love from the hobby masses! Admit it- you’ve occasionally stared longingly at a brownish fish of indeterminate origin in your dealer's "All fish in this tank $2.00" section and wondered, right? You’ve contemplated purchasing that grey-brown blenny with the cute eyes before, huh? You may have even owned a Corydoras once!


There is hope for the hobby after all…Long live the...dull! 

Who loves those grey fishes? I really think that we all do.


Until next time…


Stay Wet

Scott Fellman

Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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