The joys of Fish Eggs as food - A Closer Look...

A large part of the fun of fish keeping is providing the animals under our care with foods which offer optimum health and nutritional benefits. At tannin Aquatics, we made it a point from day one to only offer our customers a selection of fish foods that we felt provided optimum quality, value, and nutrition, not to mention, ease of use...important for today's busy hobbyists.

We've been offering "Doc's Eco Eggs" and "Eco Egg Brew" for some time now, and both our customers and ourselves have been duly impressed with these products. They are easy to use, easy to store, readily acceptable to pretty much every fish we've fed them to...and they are absolutely packed with nutrition! Fish eggs contain protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and are one of nature's most perfect foods for freshwater and marine fishes alike.

We're talking about a protein level of 25.4%, a fat profile of 2.54%, with Omega3 at 0.5% and Omega6 at 0.3%...this is serous nutrition for strong, healthy fishes and active growth.

Fish eggs comprise a good percentage of the diet of many fishes in the wild, so they instantly recognize these foods. They are a near-perfect delivery vehicle for nutrition, containing 100% of the vitamins both water-soluble and fat-soluble, that are both necessary and sufficient to sustain life. In fact,  John Hirsch, M.D., the owner of the manufacturer of these products, Doctor Eco Systems, calls fish eggs the "Gummy Bear Vitamins of the ocean!"

Kind of says something, right?

The Eco Eggs have proven popular to marine aquarists since they were introduced, and are starting to gain a freshwater following as well.  We've been shipping bottles of these products to various club events as raffle prizes, to get FW hobbyists more familiar with them, and the feedback has been terrific!


With an average egg size of 1 to 2 mm, these eggs (Capelin roe) are a great size for a wide variety of fishes, as part of a diverse diet in the aquarium. We've fed them to fishes as small asTetras, all the way up to larger African Cichlids, such as Lamprologus, and many fishes in between! The Tetras go into a literal "frenzy" when you feed these foods!

This products is also available in a specially blended form called "Brew", which has 12.7% protein, and 1.26% fat, and the same fatty acid profile as the eggs in their "natural" form. This formulation is perfect for very young fishes, or fishes with extremely small mouths. It has an array of particle sizes from 1-400 microns.


I recently found out just how acceptable the "Brew" is when I began acclimating my tiny  wild Boraras merah ("Phoenix Rasbora") to prepared foods. These tiny tots (barely 3/4" each) just tore into this stuff like tourists in a buffet line at a cheap hotel! (great analogy, huh?) And this is an interesting concept- providing wild fishes or very finicky eaters with a food that essentially mimics foods they might be familiar with from the wild.

Both products come in a convenient, no-mess  squirt bottle and don't require refrigeration until after they are opened. What could be easier?

We're also duly impressed by the quality and extensive testing that went into these products. Doctor Eco Systems doesn't hide behind superlatives- they have a full lab analysis of their "Eco Eggs" available for review, featuring detailed breakdowns of the  trace element and vitamin concentrations of these foods. The company is committed to making a quality product.

As a big fan of this product for use in reef systems (yes, we use them and offer them at Unique Corals as well), I have been pushing hard to get more fellow freshwater enthusiasts who might not be familiar with them a try. No exaggeration here: Literally everyone I've turned on to these products for freshwater loves them, and I think you will, to!

If you know me, you know that I typically won't go gaga over just anything. A product has to meet my personal "standards" for utility, value, and ease of use. And it has to provide results. The Doc's Eco Eggs products do both.

Whether you're a reefer who happens to keep freshwater fishes, or a full-on freshwater fish breeder,  give these products a try. We're certain that you'll be ecstatic with these products and the results they provide!

Keep feeding those fishes...

And Stay Wet!

Scott Fellman

Tannin Aquatics




Scott Fellman
Scott Fellman


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