"What is Tannin Aquatics? We’re more than just a purveyor of aquatic goods. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be. A living, breathing, creative canvass upon which you express yourself in the aquatic world. We provide inspiration, information, and the materials with which you can perfect your craft."-Scott Fellman, Owner


Bring it!

August 27, 2016

I admit it, I'm one of those fish geeks that loves to enable others...I mean, I'm the biggest cheerleader in the world for my fellow fish geeks. If you're up to trying some crazy project- enacting some seemingly half-baked, yet exotic-sounding scheme to create the ultimate aquatic display, one that reeks of innovation and a high probability for failure...yeah...count me in! Seriously. And, if you've been in the hobby long enough, you start entertaining some pretty exotic ideas- you know, like simulated rivers in your living room, Mangrove swamps in your backyard, or turning your swimming pool into a reef or African Rift Lake biotope! Stuff like that. Some of you actually act on them, which deserves ultimate praise! I...

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"The Pivot."

August 26, 2016

So I have this sort of confession to make. When I first added plants to my office blackwater aquarium, it was really as sort of an experiment to see how they would fare in the dark brown botanical milieu I created. It was more of "let's see if this works for me." I was actually, in my head at least- violently opposed to the idea of incorporating plants at all into the 'scape. My thinking was that the green would somehow "violate" the "sanctity" of my little blackwater utopia hardscape, and take it in a direction towards a more traditional planted tank!  Seriously. I was that worried!   However, I took some comfort in knowing that the planet would have...

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They came from another time...And they're still here!

August 25, 2016

  Weekend is almost here. I'm getting ready for a weekend speaking gig, filling orders, doing my Tannin Aquatics thing, trying not to yell at anyone or break anything...in my zone; my happy place. Ya know, the usual. Just putting it out there. I wanted to write something light and fluffy (oh wait, that's my stock in trade- scratch that thought) today, so here's one for all of the tired fish geeks waiting for the weekend.Easy to digest. Todays DEEP topic:The greatest fish inventions of all time....Low tech wonders from the past that have transformed our hobby, while transcending time and defying more modern technology. Clever, crafty, defiant, and yet, useful things that are the literal “tools of the trade.” A...

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