"What is Tannin Aquatics? We’re more than just a purveyor of aquatic goods. We’re a mood, an atmosphere, a space to be. A living, breathing, creative canvass upon which you express yourself in the aquatic world. We provide inspiration, information, and the materials with which you can perfect your craft."-Scott Fellman, Owner


Notes on the "maturity" of botanical-influenced aquariums

September 26, 2016

Do you ever look at your aquariums over time and sort of evaluate how they've evolved? With a botanical-style aquarium, this is not only interesting, but it's a useful practice as well, as we develop the body of knowledge, experience, and technique associated with the long-term maintenance of these systems. And by doing this sort of periodic evaluation, you'll also be able to develop a "feel" for how your particular aquarium performs over the long haul. For example, in our office 50 gallon leaf litter system, which has been up and running just about one year now, we've noticed some interesting trends. The first thing we noticed when we started adding leaves is that, as we built up the "litter...

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Getting wet. Following your passion. A personal perspective.

September 25, 2016

The other day, I got a call from a fellow fish geek who was just burned out on his career. He was wondering just how you get into the aquatics industry; just what it is like to do what you love every day. We talked, shared war stories about career changes, satisfaction, and the challenges of balancing life and work. It’s not the first time I’ve spoken with someone who wanted out of what they felt was a "soul-sucking" career and desired to "play with fish" for a living. I’m certainly no career counselor, but I have been there. And, apparently, quite a few of you are in that place from time to time. Today’s column is dedicated to you....

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"You really can't do that."

September 24, 2016

Have you ever done something with your aquarium that everyone said was "nuts?" More important, did you get away with it, or did you "crash and burn?" Did you at least try something that the “hobby establishment” said could not be done, or SHOULD NOT be done? Wasn’t it fun? Expensive. Embarrassing, perhaps…   But fun, right?   Did you try something “different” than what “they” say is the way to go? Something that provoked those kind of "If man were meant to fly..."-type comments? I mean, something ill-advised, sort of crazy, off-the-wall, or just downright kooky? Or, did you act on one of those ridiculous ideas that someone threw out when tossing back a couple of brews with the gang...

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